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Product code: PE7506   * expected 20/01/2021 *
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Supplier: PLAID
Category: Folkart - Value Packs
Product name: Folk Art MS Neon Blacklight Acrylic Paint 4 Color
Folk Art MS Neon Blacklight Acrylic Paint 4 Color
The FolkArt Multi-Surface Neon Glow Acrylic Paint Set will give your projects a flashy touch of bold color. Each color in this four-piece set is bursting with rich, vibrant hues that have a thick and creamy texture for smooth brush strokes and extraordinary blending and shading. Use this water-based, non-toxic formula on wood, canvas, tin, terracotta, fabric, and more. The artist-quality of this bright, premium paint will set your crafts apart from the rest. Add a coat of FolkArt Multi-Surface Neon Glow to your next project for a brilliantly vivid display.

Size: Set of 4 - 2 oz. colors
give your projects a flashy touch of bold color; water-based; non-toxic; use on wood, canvas, tin, terracotta, fabric, and more
painting; craft paint; neon glow acrylic