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Air drying clay

Product code: CLSI213300020000
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Supplier: Sio-2 Plus
Category: Air Drying Clay
Product name: Plus Air Drying Clay - Black 1kg
SIO-2 PLUSŪ Black 1kg/100g. A natural self-hardening clay. No firing is necessary. After drying this self-hardening clay is strong, solid and durable. SIO-2 PLUSŪ clay is soft with fine texture. Its clay composition gives excellent plasticity for detailed modelling and it can also be thrown on a potters wheel. It is odourless, non-staining and can be easily removed from any surface with a damp cloth. The presence of natural cellulose fibres allows safe drying without cracks or fissures, even in large pieces. Once dry, the clay can be painted, varnished, decoupaged, polished, carved or drilled. Recommended for handicrafts and professional creative arts. Suitable for use with children.