The Crafters Workshop  
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Beate winkler


Carmen medlin

Connie shaw

Gabrielle pallacco

Julie fei-fan balzer

Ken oliver

Mixed media

Rebekah meier

Stamps 4x6 - kristen palese

Stamps 4x6 - valentina harper

Stencil 12x12

Stencil butters

Stencils 12x12

Stencils 12x12 - valentina harper

Stencils 16.5x6 - jaime echt

Stencils 4x4

Stencils 4x9 - jaime echt

Stencils 6x6

Stencils 6x6 - valentina harper

Stencils 6x9

Stencils a7


Tool & accessories

Product code: TCW2009T
Product name: Balzer Script Star Bits Stencil 4x4
More details >
Product code: TCW2030
Product name: Stencil 4x4 Burlap Bits
More details >
Product code: TCW2033
Product name: Doodle Leaf Bits
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