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Printing with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates and Pastels & Stencils

Printing with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates and Pastels & Stencils.

Birgit shows us how to print with Pan Pastels and Stencils - and creates stunning tags. She applies the pastels directly to the plate - sometimes using a soft sponge. After she has pulled the print, she cleans the plate with a few drops of baby oil and then cleans the plate again with a baby wipe - and starts again.

Instead of using acrylic paint to pull a print, she uses mat medium to pull the print - when she is printing on an already printed background.
The clear mat medium pulls the print up and allows you to see the underlying print. All amazing!

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Create Patterns with Gelli Arts® Mini Octagon Printing Plate with Marsha Valk

Create Patterns with Gelli Arts® Mini Octagon Printing Plate with Marsha Valk

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Create Gelli®/Jelly Prints with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates & Vaseline Petroleum Jelly by Birgit Koopsen

Create Gelli®/Jelly Prints with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates & Vaseline Petroleum Jelly by Birgit Koopsen.

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Watch Marsha create clay ornaments with air dry clay and her plate from Gelli Arts®!

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Watch Birgit Create Mixed Media Gel Prints!

Watch Birgit Create Mixed Media Gel Prints!

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Watch Marsha create fresh patterns with the new Diamond Mini Plate from Gelli Arts®!

Watch Marsha create fresh patterns with the new Diamond Mini Plate from Gelli Arts®!

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Watch Birgit use moldable stamps to print with on her Gelli Arts printing plates!

Watch Birgit use moldable stamps to print with on her Gelli Arts printing plates!

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Watch Marsha create mandala art with Gelli Arts® printing plates!

Create Mandala Art (Nested Prints) with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates by Marsha Valk

Create Mandala Art

Print with Stencils on Fabric with Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates

Watch Marsha create decorative pillows by printing on fabric!
Fun gift idea too!

Graphic 45 Princess Collection

Checkout the new Princess collection from Graphic 45

Princess Collection

How to Print in Your Art Journal with Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates

How to Print in Your Art Journal with Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plates

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Resist Printing with Gelli Arts® Plates, Books, and Magazines

Check out Birgit's new video showing you how to use old book and magazine papers for resist printing on the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate!

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Art Journals Created with Gelli Arts® Prints from Birgit

Watch Birgit as she shows us step by step how to make art journals. It's so easy! Would be a great demo to do in-store - to get everyone hooked on printing!

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Gelli Arts® Gel Printing with Crayon Resist

Marsha shows us how to use simple crayon resists to create unique designs for her prints. It's fun to use found objects around the house like placemats.

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Gelli Arts® printing plates repeat patterns

Here is a fun technique you will want to try. Watch as Birgit shows us how to create repeat patterns and some cool textures on the Gelli Arts® gel printing plate!

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Gelli Arts® Gel Printing on Transparencies

Gelli Arts® Gel Printing on Transparencies

Watch Marsha as she demonstrates how to create colorful prints on transparencies. The shiny surface makes them attractive to use in cards, collages, or wall art!

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Gelli Arts® Printed Coffee Filter Flowers

Gelli Arts® Printed Coffee Filter Flowers.

Watch Marsha make a fun summer party decor project that the kids will enjoy making too!

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Gelli® Printing With Homemade Glaze Paints

Watch as Birgit shows us how to create unique paints and colors for printing on Gelli® plates. You'll love these prints!!!

Midnight Masquerade : Shadow Box Mini Album Display

A project from the Graphic45 Midnight Masquerade Collection. Shadow Box Mini Album Display Designed by Maria Cole.

Project Instructions:

Midnight Masquerade Shadow Box Mini Album

Susan Lenart Kazmer - How to use Ice Resin

Susan Lenart Kazmer - Ice Resin video tutorials:

ICED Enamels® Relique Powders
ICE Resin Glass Casting Tutorial
Fresh Vintage Nest Home Decor Piece
How to Add Texture to ICE Resin
and many more!

You Tube Ice Resin Teaching Videos:
Susan Lenart Kazmer - How to use Ice Resin

Link to: Everything you need to know about Ice Resin

Elizabeth Craft Designs Project Videos

A full listing of step-by-step video tutorials from Elizabeth Crafts Designs.

Video Link:
Elizabeth Craft Designs Video Tutorials

Mod Podge Projects

Mod Podge Crafts products: glue, sealer and finish that is trusted by crafters everywhere for their most treasured crafts and project ideas!

The ultimate in all-in-one convenience, often called Modge Podge, has been loved by crafters of all ages for its flexibility, versatility and supreme ease of use since 1967. Best of all, it's water-based, making clean-up a snap. It's non-toxic, too—perfect for kids crafts.

Projects by Craft Type: Mod Podge Projects

Inspirational Blog: Inspiration on the Mod Podge Blog

Education Centre: Mod Podge Education Centre

Richard Garay Projects

Hello and thank you for visiting! I’ve been in the papercrafting industry for almost 20 years and love being creative! I love to share handmade projects with others, as well as share those created by my Make Amazing Design Team.

My hope is that after your visit, you’re left with lots of creativity and inspiration to make something fun! I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

Sincerely, Richard Garay

Project Gallery: Richard Garay Project Gallery

Blog Projects: Richard Garay Blog Projects

Video Tutorials: Team Richard Garay videos

Spellbinders Inspirations

Looking For More Inspiration?, check out the Spellbinders Inspirations (Made by You).

Inspiration Link: Spellbinders Inspiration

Blog Projects: Spellbinders Blog Projects

Video Tutorials: Spellbinders Videos

Tim Holtz Tips and Ideas

Tim Holtz inspiration for the journey.

Inspiration of all kinds: Tim Holtz Blog

Video Tutorials and Product Introductions:
Tim Holtz Videos

Couture Creations & Ultimate Craft Projects

Exciting projects by ArtDeco Creations brands, Ultimate Crafts, Couture Creations and Craft Concepts. Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and Crafting projects.

Projects: Couture
Creations & Ultimate Craft Projects

Decopatch Official Page

Lots of creative inspiration and ideas for all Decopatch users.
Decopatch paper is a great way to DIY colour theme wedding décor and many other crafty projects.

Creative Projects and Inspiration:
Decopatch Creative Ideas

Gelli Arts Get Inspired

We have gathered some tips and instructions to help you care for your Gelli plate and get the most out of your prints.

What to Know: Gelli Arts what-to-know

Get Inspired with Gelli Art projects: Gell Arts Projects

Gelli® Printed Valentine Hearts

Give your valentine something extra sweet this year, with these Gelli® Printed Valentine Hearts!! Follow along with Birgit Koopsen as she shares this adorable project!

Graphic45 Project Gallery

From the Graphic45 Idea Gallery view projects by idea and/or designer.

Idea Gallery Link:

Video Tutorials:
Graphic 45 Video Tutorials

Kaisercraft Projects

We love paper, cake, sunshine, coffee and a good DIY project! Join us and our Design Team for a walk through our creative world!

Project Link: Kaisercraft Projects

Blog Link: Kaisercraft Blog

Gallery Link: Kaiser Craft Gallery

Kaisercraft Video Link: Kaisercraft Videos

Lindsay Mason Blog Projects

Catch up with Lindsay Mason's projects and stamping tips.
I'm a freelance artist and designer working in many mediums. I design stamps for Personal Impressions and the Sweet Dixie range which are available in stores nationwide.

Blog Link:The new Lindsay Mason Blog

Paper House Production Projects

Paper House where imagination takes shape.
Here you'll find Cardmaking and Scrapbooking projects, tips and tricks, ideas for other craft and décor tutorials.

Projects and Tips: Paper House Productions Projects

Ranger Projects

Ranger Blog: Projects. Keep up-to-date with all the projects from the Ranger team. Ranger Projects

Check out Ranger videos! Learn about Ranger products, cool techniques and get project ideas. Videos are organized by primary Ranger craft product used, but we invite you to view all videos since multiple products are used in most videos!
Check back often as new videos are added every few weeks.

Videos from the Ranger Team: Ranger Videos

Simple Stories Inspiration

Creative ideas from the Simple Stories creative team.

Inspiration Link: Simple Stories Inspiration

Totally Tiffany - Get Organized

How to organise everything and maximise your work and storage space, Totally Tiffany has the answers for you.

Get Organized:

Tiffany Spalding and The Scrap Rack Videos:
The Scrap Rack Lady Videos

Tsukineko_Imagine Crafts

Lots of Projects featuring Tsukineko product. Filter by Medium, Product, Aesthetic, Season, Occasion or Project type.

Projects: Imagine Crafts Projects featuring Tsukineko

Artline Join The Flow

Things flow better with Artline. Look at the Galleries, watch the Videos and take the Lessons.

The Flow: Artline Join The Flow

Country Love Crafts

Country Love Crafts are a b2b craft wholesaler & distributor based in Oxfordshire. We are UK Distributors for: DecoArt, Decopatch, Art Clay Supplies, Duncan, Spectrum. We have a 25 seater training room & run regular courses. Our sister company is Personal Impressions.

Inspiration Link: Country Love Crafts Inspiration

Party Ideas:
Country Love Crafts Party Ideas

Die Cuts With View Projects

Inspiration and ideas for you. Papercrafts, Home Décor, DIY, Jewellery, Party, Scrapbooking and Vidoes. Inspire, Create, Connect.

Inspiration: Die Cuts With View Inspiration

JeJe Techniques

JeJe are renowned for their Peel-Off stickers and craft products, find out about all their product techniques.

JeJe Techniques Link: JeJe Techniques

Video Tutorials: JEJE Video Tutorials

Marianne Design youtube Channel

Inspirational step-by-step video's from Marianne Design

Marianne Design youtube Channel

Marianne Designs Inspiration

Inspiration Gallery: Includes Card Gallery, Scrap Gallery and Video Gallery.

Marianne regularly makes cards and various creations with her ​​own products. She finds it one of the most enjoyable things to do!
Or sometimes there are ladies from the Design Teams who have made ​​something fun. In this gallery you will find almost no ordinary cards or scraps, but mostly creations to inspire you in a different way and show you what you can do with the Marianne Design products!

Marianne Design Inspiration Gallery

Angel Policy

Marianne Design has an Angel Policy, which means: you are free to use all Marianne Design products to make cards and other projects for personal use. You are permitted to show the images of your cards and your projects on your website, blog, forum, etc.
You are permitted to sell your own cards and projects, but only for non-commercial use. This means they will have to be handmade by you and you will have to sell them yourself on a local market, fair or any other small sales point and with a limited quantity not to exceed 50 pieces.

Me and My Big Ideas

Live Creatively with MAMBI, plan a happy life. Our designers share their inspiration for project ideas and much more.

Gallery Link:
Me and My Big Ideas Gallery-of-big-ideas

Blog Tutorials: Me and My Big Ideas Blog Tutorials

MAMBI TV/Video Projects: Mambi TV

The Crafters Workshop Projects

Beautiful templates, masks & stencils for Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Art Journals, Mixed-Media, Collages, Paper Arts, Surface Design, Quilting, Stenciling, Home décor and more.

Projects: The Crafters Workshop Projects

Video Tutorials: The Crafters Workshop Video Tutorials

The Crafters Workshop Angel Policy

We love the fact that we’ve inspired you to create items for sale, using our products. With that said, we adore our designers and are incredibly respectful of the time and energy they put into creating beautiful images for us to use. Please know that the rules below are there to protect and respect the integrity of our designers’ artwork. Here are the rules for using our images in your products:

You can use our images on your products, only IF the images are created by hand. Please do not scan/photograph our images (either alone or on your artwork) and then print or duplicate mechanically. You can hand-create up to 20 identical pieces using our designs. After that, we would consider it mass production and require you to pay our designers a licensing fee.

Viva Decor Gallery

In our gallery we show you projects to draw inspiration from these are created by customers with products from Viva Décor. Also see our design techniques and videos.

Gallery Link:
Viva Decor Gallery

Video Projects: Viva Decor Video Projects

Best Creations Projects

Creative Inspiration - Invitation Ideas, check out some of our DIY craft projects and Giveaways.

Projects: Best Creations Projects

DaliART Tutorials

Free Crafting Tutorials by DaliART.
Get inspiration and find out how to use DaliART craft products with our free crafting tutorials.

Tutorial Link:

Fiskars product videos

We're all artists inside. But sometimes we need a little encouragement to express ourselves. Happily, Fiskars is here to help.

Our products make cardmaking, scrapbooking, accessory customisation, home décor projects, embroidery and quilting easy. Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or a talented pro, our tools will help you make creative magic.

Fiskars product videos

Little B Education

Little B how to projects, videos and blog:

Education Link: Little B How To Guides

Little B Media Centre: LittleB Media Centre Videos

Pergamano - Craftliners Inspiration

For all creative Pergamano users take a look at the Craftliners Inspirational Blog. You'll also find Challenges and Video tutorials.

Parchment Craft is a fascinating, creative hobby. By applying varying techniques on parchment paper, you can make all kinds of beautiful pieces. People have been working with parchment since about 500 A.D.

The first real parchment was made from animal skins. Parchment was invented in Turkey and was used all over Europe for books, maps and important documents right up into the 18th century.

Projects and Ideas: Craftliners Pergamano Inspiration

Personal Impressions Projects

Projects from the Personal Impressions design team.

Projects from the design team: Personal Impressions Projects

Plaid Fabric Art Projects

Education and inspiration for both newbie and experienced crafters through easy how to videos, craft expert tutorials, and more!

Let's first talk about the art of block printing / stamping. Did you know that the art of block-printing goes back over a thousand years and was practiced by traditional artisans of India using intricately hand carved wood blocks?
This beautiful art form is still being carried on today!

Fabric Art and more: Plaid Crafts Folk Art

Studio Light Inspiration

Get inspiration for your Studio Light products here.

Project and Video Link: Studio Light Crafts

We R Memory Keepers How to's

Take a look at the We R Memory Keepers video tutorials and Projects.

Video Tutorials: We R Memory Keepers Videos

Projects: We R Memory Keepers Projects